An Idle MMO where you’re in Control

Form your own guild of characters, who all continue to play even when you’re gone! Whether you’ve got a few minutes to play or the whole day, Legends of Idleon provides the fun MMO experience you’re looking for, alone or with friends!

Create your legends

With 38 classes and 600+ unique skills, the possible synergies are endless! Maybe you’ll make a Barbarian Fisherman who catches sea monsters, for your Druid Alchemist to make into powerful potions, which boost the critical damage of your Hunter Assassin so he can defeat the World Boss, unlocking even more content!

Explore a World of Fun

With monsters like moonwalking carrots, giant bullfrogs, and prancing coconuts, who knows what crazy things you’ll encounter outside of Town! Maybe you’ll meet a new Quest-Giver, or find a hidden shop, or even discover a secret area with a unique boss!

What are you waiting for?